Professional Clinic

The Professional Clinic
With Western medical doctors, acupuncture physicians, and doctors of Oriental medicine on staff, the Professional Clinic at East West College of Natural Medicine embodies the best of integrative care.

Integrative Care
The list of conditions served best by integrative care is growing rapidly. Infertility, cancer, migraines, and hypertension are just a few examples of conditions benefited by Integrative Care. EWCNM has a Western medical doctor on staff specializing in internal medicine for patients whose conditions require a medical consult.

A Western medical doctor is on staff specializing in anti-aging medicine using tools such as nutrition, diet, stress management, acupuncture, and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT) to design your personal longevity health program. This treatment positively affects sexual function, memory, skin suppleness, energy levels, muscle tone, and weight management as well as a myriad of other age related symptoms. Sufficient and balanced hormones contribute substantially to healthy longevity.

Natural Medi-Spa Services
EWCNM provides natural medi-spa services with treatment packages utilizing acupuncture and bio injectables for face lift and mesotherapies. Demonstrations at EWCNM are scheduled regularly to inform the public about natural beauty options.

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For details on fees for professional services, please call 941-355-9080, Ext. 109.