Guoxiang Zhu


Guoxiang Zhu, DOM
Clinic Supervisor & Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Courses

Dr. Zhu has been practicing acupuncture since 1985. He obtained his medical degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and practiced both Chinese and Western medicine at Hangzhou TCM Hospital in China. He served as the Chief Physician and hospital's director of the Acupuncture Department until 2007 when he moved to the US with his family.

With 29 years of clinical practice and research on acupuncture, Dr. Zhu has extensive clinical experience in the treatment of various diseases. He is especially learned in the treatment of cerebrovascular disease with acupuncture, herbs and Chinese tuina, such as apoplexy, hypertension, Parkinson's disease. Dr. Zhu also has abundant experience with the treatment of headache, depression, spinal stenosis, joints pain and sciatica.

Dr. Zhu has published 28 research papers on acupuncture in various medical journals in different countries. He has received numerous awards for scientific achievement from the Administration of traditional Chinese Medicine and People's government in Zhejiang province. Dr. Zhu's excellence in patient care, research and teaching has been widely recognized. He was listed as one of the top acupuncture doctors on the professional health website in China, and Technical Evaluation Team of Medical Accidents, Zhejiang Medical Society, China.