Valerie Daverio

Valerie Daverio | EAST WEST COLLEGE

Valerie Daverio, AP
Clinic Supervisor & Acupuncture Courses

After graduating Summa Cum Laude from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, Florida, Valerie went to the heart of ancient Chinese medical practices to gain a comprehensive knowledge of ancient modalities of Acupuncture and Herbology. At the Zhejiang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Valerie gained certification and promptly returned to the U.S. where she launched here private practice and teaches at the East West College of Natural Medicine.

While Acupuncture is widely known as an effective treatment for virtually any type of pain in the body, Valerie has several areas of expertise and additional certification. She specializes in the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture which is the non-surgical face lift option. She has begun training with the Autism Research Institute in the DAN! Defeat Autism Now! Biomedical approach to treating children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD, ADHD and other neurological developmental disorders.