Academic Resources

East West College Academic Resources

Campus Library
The East West College of Natural Medicine Library & Research Center maintains a growing collection of acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbology, and alternative medicine literature. The 2500 volumes print collection is supplemented by multi-media materials, professional journals, and electronic resources. The Library is equipped with computers with Internet access for students to search the library's online catalog, access health information, or to complete assignments. Wireless Internet access is available throughout the entire College. Desks and comfortable seating are available for students to study in a quiet atmosphere.

The EWCNM Library is available to students and faculty during normal work hours. Reference support is provided by a library professional. The Library staff strives to support the academic needs of students and faculty by providing current, relevant, and authoritative information.

Online Library
Provides access to the library catalog, as well as links to e-journals, databases, and community libraries. Constantly growing, the website is intended to be the first stop for students, faculty, and alumni seeking Traditional Chinese and alternative medicine information.

AHED Library
American Higher Education Development Cooperation (AHED) Library Resources offer resources and tools to help you with finding and using resources, improving research and writing, and supporting your academic success

State College of Florida Library
EWCNM also holds a reciprocal agreement with State College of Florida Library