Career Services

Career development from the classroom to the workplace

Career Services is dedicated to helping our students develop successful and rewarding careers following their East West College of Natural Medicine education. During their education journey, EWCNM provides internship and externship opportunities to help students develop their skills. After graduation, we help students develop their career paths.

For Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine students, Career Services guides graduates through theprocess to be licensed as Doctors of Oriental Medicine/Acupuncture Physicians. There are four licensing boards and an application with the State of Florida (for local practitioners) that need to be successfully navigated and completed.

Upon licensure, graduates can

  1. Open their own acupuncture practice (go into business for themselves)
  2. Work for an existing acupuncture clinic
  3. Work for a western medical clinic/integrative medicine center
  4. Concentrate on VA or insurance billing
  5. Enter the research field

Career Services is always available for students for:

  • Resume review
  • Business plan assistance/review
  • Marketing plan assistance/review
  • List of current available job postings

For massage therapy students, Career Services provides career assessment and counseling to guide individuals to effective career management. After completing their education and internship hours, Career Services helps graduates find employment in the massage industry. Our intent is to foster strong relationships with employers and provide relevant job opportunities for both students and graduates.

Massage Therapy careerservices include:

  • Defining your objective and goals
  • Perfecting an elevator/30 second speech
  • Resume building
  • Crafting persuasive cover letters
  • Job leads
  • Professional networking
  • Leveraging social media (i.e. LinkedIn)
  • Interview strategies and mock interviews
  • Dressing professionally
  • Developing recommendations
  • Recruiters and temp agencies
  • Using business cards
  • Recording a professional voicemail